Monday, June 18, 2012

Orange County Half Marathon (disg)Race Report

Orange County Half Marathon and Marathon - this has the potential to be a great annual race for me.  I really liked the course and the support along the way. However, next time I will work the shuttle situation differently.  The wait at the fairgrounds was way too long and got me to the start nearly 30 minutes after the start.  Ultimately, that didn't matter since I wasn't primed for some awesome race, but I don't like waiting around doing nothing for so long.  The weather was perfect for this race - overcast and cool, it didn't warm up until later in the morning.  The expo and after-race activities were festive (a "taste" fest was going on at the fairgrounds, and all racers got free admission), plus some of the fair food vendors were open for post-race munching (though I didn't partake - the IDEA of a funnel cake was enough for me!).  Hopefully, next year I will be injury free and better trained, so I can complete a performance I can be proud of.  As it was, I was satisfied to complete 13.1 miles of what I call the OC Shuffle!

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