Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 3 (I can count to 100)

After 5 miles.  Happy.  Unused roller and stick in background.
I counted to 100 today. Over and over again.  When faced with a long uphill, or another lap around the lake that my brain (and my legs) are saying they don’t want to do, I count to 100.  One hundred running steps, at a brisk pace.  Then I take a fast walk break for 100 steps.  This is really just a game for my head to stick to when the going is getting tough.  My legs are still tired, but I get a small breather during the walk, and psychologically I feel better.  I am not stopping completely or giving in.  Then I run again for another 100 steps.  Repeat.  On the flats I sometimes will run for TWO hundred steps.  My legs don’t really know the difference, and I get stronger.  Today on an uphill I did 200.  And it wasn’t so bad.  Did you know that 100 steps (whether you walk or run them) isn’t very far?  
This hill is not as steep as it looks ~ Obi Wan

I know during training that it’s the mantras and  (Jedi)   mind tricks that are going to help me through the tough runs.  Sometimes you have to push yourself to “that tree” or “past that light post” or until that other runner goes by….it’s all good, right? And all runners do it.  I read that Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan's mantra at the trials was "cold execution."  That sounds so deadly - but she is a killer runner, so it works for her.  I felt really good after today’s run and my preschool counting helped me through.  One, two, three.....
Rock on, Week 3.

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