Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marathon Essentials: Good Shoes - Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Awhile ago I posted on Facebook about the shoes I bought that cost a fortune.  These are them.  The Mizuno Wave Prophecy.  I feel like I should be hearing trumpeting fanfare when I type out the words.  Let's explain how this came about.  I didn't really need new running shoes.  I have at least five pairs at home in various states of use - none near the maximum mileage point.  I have been running in Asics Nimbus for awhile with no complaints; there are other assorted Asics in the closet too (trail shoes, for example).  I also have a pair of Saucony trail shoes  that haven't seen much daylight lately.  I mostly wanted to go out and try some other shoe types because my feet have been hurting and healing from plantar fasciitis, and figured my feet would benefit from something different and new. I also needed a psychological lift since I am starting marathon training.  You know, running is very mental too...not just physical ;)

I have been diligently reading up on all brand and styles of shoes.  I have also let myself be swayed by all the sexy advertising campaigns.  Now, working in advertising myself, I should know better.  I am not easily "taken" on most things.  If there isn't someone around to make sarcastic cynical remarks about ads, then people call me for input!  However, when it comes to me and running ads - I [want to] believe everything I read.  I want to buy into the "dream" of what the shoes can do for me.

Hence, I really wanted to try on and like these brands of shoes:
I would like to find my strong.
I want rainbows to shoot out of my shoes.  

Who doesn't want freedom?
Not that these shoes or brands are not great, they just didn't work for me.  I tried on endless shoes and models and wanted to like them!   Eventually I tried on the Mizuno Wave Creation - which I had run in a long time ago and liked.  I love these shoes.  I was ready to buy them. 
Mizuno Wave Creation
And then....the Mizuno shoe rep who was in the store said..."Wait, you might like these [more expensive and way cooler] shoes."  He didn't say the expensive part, but he did
tell me about the technology that went into the Wave Prophecy.  And they do really feel different from other shoes.  (See what others say about them here.)  So far, they have been super comfortable and are a great feel, especially for my recovering plantar fasciitis foot.  I can't say they make me run faster, but they certainly make me feel like I can.  And, sometimes that's all I need to get out the door!
Do you hear a trumpeting fanfare?
So I spent a good chunk of green on the shoes.  The Mizuno rep gave me a cool new Mizuno water bottle and a free pair of socks (which I love too!).  So even though I don't have a groovy, Mizuno shoe ad to show here, don't think that when I find one that I won't be buying into it hook, line, and sinker! 
Run on.

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