Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marathon Essentials #1: Energy Blasts

Although I often dream of cheesy, pepperoni pizza and Five Guys, THIS is what I use to refuel myself on the runs of 5+ miles.  They are chewy and sweet like a Swedish Fish, and substantial, so I don't feel like all I get are a few jelly sports beans (though those are tasty too!)  There is a vendor who sells them in bulk at the local race expos, so I have stocked up for a bit, so I have no excuse but to grab and go.  My favorite flavor is Cola, though the Strawberry Banana and Berry are dang yummy too.  I like Shot Blox too (Margarita has extra sodium), but I am definitely an Energy Blast gal nowadays.

From the PowerBar website:

Run on.  Run long.

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