Saturday, June 9, 2012

Running Layouts

OC Half Marathon & Race on the Base Layouts
Scrappy Running Me.  That's me.  Lately, my scrapping has been about a lot of running.  I take pride in the album I created about my races.  I fired off a bunch of layouts over Memorial Day weekend.  It's good to get caught up and review the thrill of victory (or the not-so-much).  I like to pound out a lot of craftiness at once.  I am not good at doing little bits at a time, though that happens sometimes.  It's better for me to slice off a good chunk of hours at a time at least.  That way I can get something done and relish all the accomplishment.  It's a lot like finishing a race.  Arms raised... only instead of looking at my watch to see how fast or far I've run, I count the number of pages I have completed.  Instead of blisters on my feet, I check to see if I have ink or glue stuck to my fingers.  Undoubtedly I will have a paper cut.  And there will be paper scraps all over the floor.
Simple layouts of the girls participating in the Long Beach races; Franny in the kids run, and Marli in the half.
I was so happy at the Long Beach Half Marathon.  I felt great.  Marli and I had breakfast after at Bubba Gump's and I LOVED hanging with "Forrest".  Life IS like a box of chocolates.
If I have spent quality time crafting then I will have the same level of satisfaction as when I finish a race....and sometimes be just as tired (but exhilarated).  Like reliving a race and caressing my medals, I will keep going back to the scrapbook room to look at the layouts. Maybe try to straighten a photo or add another flower.  And I will sleep well.
Surf City & SoCal Half
The best things about a Disney race?  The medal; the characters; the bathrooms INSIDE the park!  LOL!
I have made many friends scrapbooking, and many friends running.  But I don't have any scrappy running friends.  I admit it is hard to juggle both, as both take lots of time.  So maybe the other scrappy runners are just as busy as me and juggling our passions as best we can.  For me, scrapping will definitely be getting short shrift this summer as I train for Chicago, but I will always be a glue-loving, paper princess.

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