Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am wiped out - more than any scrap event I have ever attended!

Read my family blog for a quick review of my night with Marli at the Jonas Brothers concert last night at the Ponda Center. Marli has no voice, and I still have ringing in my ears. But it was FUNNNNNN!!!!!!!

They are so dang cute (I guess once a teenybopper, always a teenybopper!!) BTW, this is Nick, and he is the cutest, according to Marli.

*Oh My Jonas!


Jennifer Priest said...

Oh how fun!! My dd has been talking about the Jonas Brothers as well. I hope you got some pics!!

illyse said...

Hi Nan!
I was cracking up at your post about the "Ponda Center". I have always called it the
"Honda Ponda".LOL!
I tagged you for a brillante blog premio. Check out my blog for details!! http://www.illyse.blogspot.com

illyse said...

OOps... I just saw you have already been tagged for the brillante blog premio... I didn't scroll down far enough until now! :(