Monday, July 21, 2008


Two times to Chicago so far this year! Considering my sister lives there and the last time I went there (before CKU in March earlier this year) was about 10 years ago, this is a big Chicago traveling binge for me! Landed home late last night after four days at the Craft & Hobby Association summer show. Although this show isn't as large as the winter show in Anaheim, it's still quite a bit of real estate to cover, and my aching feet can tell you all about it. Well, actually my feet were aching because I worked the Zutter booth demo-ing the Bind-it-All and Dreamkuts (more on that in a sec), but also because I tried to see as much as I could on breaks and in between rushes at our booth.

I gotta say....I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the gals I know in the scrap business, and it's so fun to see them at these shows. Southern California is always well represented - Donna from Prima and the DT leader from the Red Bee, Daisy & Joy from, Stephanie Ackerman (from everywhere), Fiskateer Cheryl, and Suezi, Renee and Linda from MAMBI. Then there's the folks I know more as acquaintances, but who are nice enough to remember me when I say hi (LOL!) - like Jennifer from Luxe, Theron from Quickutz, and the CK Media ladies -Renee Pearson, Lynda Angelastro (from Digital Scrapbooking), and Jennafer Martin (from Simple Scrapbooks). And then my new friends Darlene and Charlotte from Mollie & Mac, Ken from Product Performers, Teresa Collins, Taylor Van Bruggen (introduced by the eclectic gals) and Laura from Stampendous. So many people I want to stay in touch with and work much fun fun fun!

Then there is all the new products....besides the new items from Zutter! Beautiful papers everywhere - Basic Grey, of course, as well as nearly every line I looked at had something I wanted. Then there's the Rock, Paper, Trimmers from Fiskars - who doesn't like bling covered stuff? And, speaking of Fiskars, it was nice to see the Lil Davis people at the booth and seeing their products again. They had limited edition green Lil Davis scissors (LOVE green!) And, Making Memories had everyone wearing their green Slice aprons. They do a good job at their promotions. I didn't do but one make 'n take - didn't have the time - but they all seemed to be crowded - especially the ones at Creative Imaginations, Making Memories, Stampendous, Provo Craft and about five zillion others! Oh, and I can't forget to mention the Hello Kitty dies from Sizzix. Uh, I will be getting at least a few of those just because! :)

And just for Sarah in the UK, I will spend some time blogging about the new items from Quickutz. The Love Revolution is an electric version of the Revolution, only much bigger. You can cut several dies at once, but they will also handle really big dies - seemed the cutting mat was about 12X10 at least. They were demo-ing only a prototype, but it is very cool to say the least. It can accommodate all the QK dies as well as all competitive dies on the market. They said it would be ready to ship in October. Fabulous! Or as Sarah would say... gobsmacked! Is that right? They also have a load of new dies - my favorite being the 4X8 alphas that come on one sheet (no more losing letters) and retail for about $40.

Oh, dear - this is a long post. So, I will blog about my Zutter doings next....


BTW, Donna Salazar had this layout of us in the Prima booth. I had uploaded the picture of her and I to some website (can't remember the name of it at the moment) that "Warholized" it. I gave her a copy to scrap...It was a kick to see it in the booth!


Jennifer Priest said...

That is a cool layout of Donna! Love the blinged scissors. Thanks for the Qk Stuff -- I am big fan too. And I can't believe that Fiskars trimmer with speakers and an ipod deck is for real--wow!

scrapsy said...

I am loving that new QK!!! Thanks so much for the update, all the new goodies look fab, I bet they will take an age to get over here, oh well, will just have to visit you again!!! I am gobsmacked and quite honestly astounded!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

Love the new Ambrosia line and the bling scissors. Great that they had so many new things that weren't just pink but still were girly. Can not wait to everything in person.

LuvJones said...

Cute pics Nan! You have seemt o be having a great summer thus far!!!

Cindy said...

Your blog is so fun to read! Thanks for all the CHA updates.