Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Been Salazar'd!!

I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but it never fit into my schedule...until this past weekend! Yippee! I finally got to take Donna Salazar's Paintables class at The Red Bee. Ok, we will whip past the fact that I didn't wake up until after 9AM for a 10AM class that is a 15 minute drive away (going fast), or that I didn't have any gas in the car, and needed to grab breakfast at the McD's drive thru for both Franny and I - oh, she was to tag along - she promised to be good during the class in exchange for a Webkinz to be named later. But....we were across the street from the store when Donna called and I said..."we are here!!!" Turns out the class started a bit late and we ended up "right on time" ;) ....thanks Donna!
What fun. Donna teaches us to just go with our inner artist (even if I don't think of myself as an artist), but we sprayed and painted and doodled with the Prima paintables paper, folded and glued our vintage dictionary flowers, and sugared our alphas. I love these techniques. I even have several of the Luminarte pigment powders but stashed them somewhere (where?) when I was done making ornaments at Christmas - I didn't know I could spray them like this. She also gave us a bonus project - a super cute 6X6 hanging frame using the same techniques. I was having so much fun, and Franny was being such a nice little helper that we decided to stay for the Card Buffet class after, so we could play some more. When it was all said and done, I was pooped to say the least, but we didn't leave the Bee until after 4PM. I had to convince my DH that I hadn't planned to be gone that long, it was supposed to be a 2 hour class! Ha! Not to mention Franny and I went to Donna's house after to ooh and ahh all her delicious Prima goodies (did I say that she works there and is in charge of some very awesome stuff? Well, she is!) So I am dang glad to know her....she is the Prima Gladiator!

Sunday I was busy with a bunch of projects - one of which is helping get ready for the QK Club meeting at the Bee on Wednesday night. One of my DT chores (is it really a chore if you love doing it?) is to help prep materials for the monthly get together, so Franny again helped and we got everything cut.

By the way, Franny got TWO Webkinz for being my scrappin' partner all weekend. The store also had some Webkinz make 'n takes for the little ones, and she got to partake. What a lucky girl! She also gets special props for pulling mommy's name in Donna's raffle for some awesome limited edition Prima Aloha Flowers. Good work, sweetie!


Lori Shrout said...

wow that looked like an awesome class ! wish I were there !

great class AND a helper -- how lucky can a girl be ?

Naomi Murphy said...

Hmm, seems to be a trend here with Franny pulling your name for drawings. didn't she pull your name for a great prize at the Fiska Spring Fling?

Great job Franny!

Looks like a fun class too! Love the pages you made.

Jennifer Priest said...

How fun!! Her classes look so awesome. And how cool for Franny--she is such a cutie.

DonnaSalazar said...

OMG!!! You are so sweet!!! I haven't been able to check out blogs lately... I was at work until 8:30 tonight...ugh. I am still having fun tho' isn't that just sick! Anyway... Franny is the cutiest patootiest and I was so glad to have her spend the day with us!!! Thanks for all the super duper lovey dovey words about my class. You da best!!!
Hugs ~D~