Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hot Kissable Posters!

I used to buy 16 and Tiger Beat magazines religiously when I was a teenybopper. I would buy three copies of each, each month. One to cut up and scrap with, one to read and dog-ear, and the other to save in mint condition for "someday" to forever treasure. Well, I don't know what happened to all those I saved and scrapped some 30-odd years ago. But Victoria found two from 1977 for my birthday! OOOOhhhhh! Hot kissable pics of my favorite hunks! If only I could tear out all the pics and wallpaper my room. I think DH would have a worse fit than my parents did! Thanks, Victoria! You are enabling my never-ending Bay City Roller mania!

And, on another note, this cute little Fun in the Sun tag is from our Quickutz night, and the other is my first attempt at an ATC. It's acrylic with felt, a wooden embellishment and a label. I took the "freedom" theme for the literal translation. These are for our iPie Scrapbookers ATC exchange. Hope ya'all are having a great summer :)


Jennifer Priest said...

Happy Birthday!! Too funny about the Teen Beat mags! LOL

jennalee said...

happy cake day
your donna pages are beautiful

Jennifer Priest said...

I've nominated you to receive the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008! Check it out on my blog!