Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Connections. Lifelines. Data. Empty pocket. Silence. Land lines. Text messages.

I misplaced my cell phone last Friday and was completely lost without it. It’s not like me to lose things or be distraught over it. At first I wasn’t worried. I left it at home. It was in the car. I left it at work at my desk. I left it in a co-worker’s car. It is in the office building’s lost ‘n found. None of the above. I went all weekend and nearly two week days without it. I retraced my steps. Even though I tried to call it, it was on vibrate so I would've had to be nearby to hear it. I was starting to get worried. My husband was forced to call me on the main office number each time he wanted to ask a silly question. I couldn’t text I LOVE YOU or HAVE A NICE DAY to Franny before she went to school. I was forced to borrow Marli’s Sidekick – which by the way, is the most confusing phone to use (I guess if I was 13 it would be easy!). I was on the verge of going to T-Mobile tonight to buy a replacement phone – an expense I really didn’t want to incur, but what was I to do? I knew that since T-Mobile had not recorded any outgoing calls on my phone it hadn’t fallen into nefarious hands. I knew that it was probably just sitting somewhere….waiting for me. But where?

Alas, one of my co-workers found my phone this afternoon. It was between the seat cushions in one of the arm chairs in our conference room. I had been sitting in there last Friday morning for a long (and boring) meeting. It either slipped out of my pocket or I set it next to me. It doesn’t matter. It’s back. And I am connected again.

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LuvJones said...

OMG Nan! I am surprised you were out of a phone that long! Isn't it funny how much we depend on them though and 20 years ago they didn't exist. We made without, used Call Boxes on the fwy, used phone booths, pagers, etc! And if we did have pagers they were HUGE! LOL! Looks like we have the same phone. I know the feeling of a lost phone...SO glad you found it though!