Monday, January 14, 2008

A Scrappy Scandal

You KNOW you make an impact on non-scrappers when one of them brings YOU scrapbooking news…particularly news you don’t already know! That was the case today when my co-worker Allan (nicknamed Eeyore - for his mild mannered, the glass is half-empty outlook on life!)) brought me the front section of the Los Angeles Times today with an article about scrapbooking. He actually read it and thought I would be well aware of this “scandal” already. I was not. So goes to show you that you CAN get scrappy news from the oddest of sources. The article is about the controversy of a CK Hall of Fame winner from last year. I must’ve been under a rock, or not caring about this whole topic, but I find it vastly amusing that the mainstream media only writes about this industry if there is scandal and mud-slinging to be had. I guess they have to liken everything to the incivility of politics to make it newsworthy. It’s interesting nonetheless, because it shows so many sides of scrapbooking….the young new artist breaking new creative ground; the old school scrappers who treasure and adhere to the rules of an established and loved hobby/industry; and the people who stir up all the controversy and name-calling to get everyone's blood boiling.

Apparently this particular topic has gotten loads of press - again, where was I? I guess it doesn’t matter). For those like me who hadn’t a clue, here are the links for the LA Times article, and for the blog that has spent a lot of time discussing the topic. Enjoy….would love to know YOUR comments on the topic.

*and so I don't get fried, the picture accompanying this blog is from the LA Times.

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