Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Red Bee Design Team Holiday Dinner

I had been looking forward to the Design Team Holiday dinner for a while....who wouldn't? Great chat and fun gals, scrappy gift exchange and big food at Claim Jumper? DUH! It was noisy, it was festive, it was fattening! There were silly pictures taken, and a group picture that took alot of orchestrating. In the end, I went home fat and happy, and lovin' my fellow DT-ers all the more!

The Red Bee Design Team are: Illyse, Christine, Linda (Red Bee Manager), Jenn, Me, Kristin, Mel, Donna, HEATHER HEATHER HEATHER Stacey, Rhonda and Jennifer.

Thank you, Donna, for emailing me the pictures :)

Edited 12/31/07: Here you go, Heather :) Sorry for my brain lapse.


scrapnchat said...

O.k..Nan-you threw me under the bus...I was there too....remember little ole' me???? It's Heather (in case you have forgotten)

jennalee said...

I was sitting next to her, so I know she was there. hehe! I had a lot of fun too. Thanks for posting our picture.

LuvJones said...

Looks like you ladies had fun!
See you next weekend!!!!