Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Little DreamKuts on a Celebrity vBlog!

When Donna Salazar asked to borrow one of my DreamKuts for Leah Fung & Johanna Peterson's vBlog, of course I said yes! I have been a big fan of the Scrapbook Lifestyle videos, and since those have ended, Leah and Johanna have taken to producing their own in Leah's scrap room. They are low budget and funny (and the added subtitles are a humorous touch!), but it is so great to see these creative ladies share their ideas and craft with all of us. It's so clear they love what they are doing.

Watch Donna demo the DreamKuts for her Creative Buffet....after this appearance I had to let Donna adopt this DK permanently. How can she buffet without it? (Thanks for the publicity, DS!)

1 comment:

DonnaSalazar said...

I totally didn't expect to get to KEEP this lovely machine but was I "Oh So Happy" when you offered! I'm in (insert singing voice here) Heaven!!! (OK stop singing now)

Hugs ~D~