Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gimme a C! Gimme a K! Gimme a U! What's that spell? CKU!!!!!!

Oh yeah....CKU Anaheim was a boatload of fun. I had my 10 seconds of fame with Jessica as we took a prize for the Sponsor poster contest. I participated in the paint can swap - see how cute mine was? I was very happy that someone I knew got it - Clarrissa - that outlaw of a scrapper! I ended up with a very cute can from Odette - her can was all Disney and Mickey. Very cute and very packed with goodies. I met a bunch of wonderful "celebrity" teachers...including Ali Edwards (she thought our poster was the best she's ever seen - brag brag), Emily Adams from Imagination Project - and yes, she is holding up her bosom ("Ladies, in this class I urge you to use your bosom!"), Tim Holtz - everyone's favorite testosterone at CKU, and our friend from Minnesota, dontcha know, Chelsea Kocina from Stemma ("Do you want dinner or just a little lunch? Maybe a hot dish?"). I will be posting more pictures of all the happenings and my projects from CKU - I am still recovering and getting caught up on sleep. Peter has tried to ban me from my scrap room saying..."it's over now." I am saying NOT! Not by a long shot ; )

We have C2R-II in August and who knows what else around the corner. I am going to organize all my new goodies and freebies from CKU - and get to regular scrapping again....can't wait!

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your girl chelsea morning said...

Hey-der Nan, oooh, I'm so hungry, but ders no hot-dish left in da whole house...maybe I'll just go out fer a lil' lunch, a samich maybe....oh, or I could make up some bars....rice krispie bars, special k bars, lemon bars. Although the 4th is this week, and dat calls for a good ol' jello salad or poke cake ya know.

Love ya!