Friday, May 25, 2007

Little Windows

Wanted to share my latest photo project....beautiful photo jewelry from Little Windows. I met the owner of this company - Fran Valera - at the OC Scrapbook Expo in February. I know, I has taken me THIS long to actually make the project. But once I started, I wanted to bonk myself for how easy it was and for not doing it sooner. The jewelry making kit comes with enough special printing paper, resin, molds and jewelry pieces to make three necklaces as well as enough leftover resin to make additional little projects. All the pieces in the above photo (plus about three others not in the picture) were made with this one kit. What you don't see are the sterling silver chains, and necklace pins to complete them. You can also use ribbon as a chain, as I did on the one on the right. What is difficult to see in the pictures is how the photos are illuminated in the pendants. Light enters the resin "frame" from the sides and adds so much color saturation and vividness to the photos. The flatter pieces will be used as scrapbook embellishments, or I might glue magnets to the back for the fridge, or even make a cell phone charm. Lots of possibilities.

I really hope you start to see Little Windows in your LSS. If not, check them out at You can order the jewelry kit or items individually, or if you are short on time, email them a photo and they can custom make an item for you!

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your girl chelsea morning said...

I haven't made my jewelery yet with the beautiful kit I won, but I'm really excited too--I'm picking out the perfect photos and what not...I think I'll use a copy of a picture of my great grandma when she was 16, in's an awesome pic--I'll send you a shot when I finally get around to it. (and by that I mean "clean my studio")