Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things I Know for Sure When I Am Running

  • If I am going 10 miles, might as well go 11 miles.  If I am going 11 miles, might as well go 12 miles.  If I am going 12 miles, might as well go 13 miles.  Etc.  Etc. Etc.
  • Stretching my legs above my head on my bed after a long run (and after a heavenly shower), is about as good as a dish of ice cream.
my calves are not as big as they look, it's the vertical perspective;  at least i think that's what it is! proud to note that i have all 10 toenails.  whooya!
  • I know I look terrible when I run.  My hair is untamed and sticking out all over.  My fuel belt is askew.  I have a confused look on my face as I try to figure out exactly what Nicki Minaj is singing about. Sweat and smell everywhere. (Candi, bet you can't wait to see this!)
  • No, I don’t have running form like Kara Goucher.
  • I know the distance between all major intersections on Antonio Parkway between Santa Margarita and Crown Valley.
  • Cold lemon-lime Cytomax tastes like the nectar of the gods during a long run.  (But tastes like pee water when I am sipping it in the kitchen.)
  • I sometimes wish my family would drive by and offer me a ride home.  
  • Today they informed me that they drove to the bagel shop and didn't see me.  DUH.  Bruegger's Bagels is only 2 miles from the house (Dove Canyon to La Promesa). I was at least 3-4 miles further down the street!
  • I can write a great Runner's World article in my head while I am in the midst of a long run, but when I fire up the laptop to write, all I want to do is play Solitaire (and then fall asleep).
  • I can't wait to run my first marathon.

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