Monday, July 9, 2012

Marathon Training: Birthday Week

I am not writing that to garner birthday wishes, actually far from it. I usually don’t even like to make note of my birthday, and this year in particular. But I am doing it today, because I am turning 50. FIFTY. FLIPPIN' FIFTY!!!! I am not supposed to be 50. What da heck happened on the way from turning 29 or 39 or 45? I don’t feel 50. People tell me I don’t look 50. And I choose to believe them. It’s the best way to keep from dissolving into tears.

Age is Just a Number Last week the gals from boot camp met for a 4th of July run, and I got to talking to a lady that I hadn’t met before. She was tanned and beautiful, in a tank top with toned arms, slim and powerful looking. I didn’t think what her age might be, but I knew she was younger than me. We ran three laps around RSM Lake, and she was in the group ahead of me, keeping a nice pace (I was tortoise-ing).
Afterwards in Starbucks, she and I were chit-chatting and she was asking me about my running and I started babbling about turning 50 and running a marathon. She was inspired by my tale, and said that it was “too late” for her because she was turning 55. Fifty-FIVE. I didn’t let my mouth hang open, because her fitness clearly benefitted her – she looked 10 years younger than me and most certainly younger than the age she told me. What an inspiration!

So because of that lovely lady that showed me how to defy the years, I am going to ignore the number. Sure, it’s MY number now, but who cares.

1962 – a Very Good Year. 
Check out all these notable activities from 1962 (, plus the ones from July 12 (besides my birth at Glendale Memorial Hospital). Dad says that he left Li and Mei in the car in the parking lot while he and mom welcomed me at 2AM. Geez, the things you could get away with 50 years ago!
Russians & the Rolling Stones.  Whooya!

Moving On
This time next week, I will be OVER 50, and fully entrenched in Week 6 of marathon training. One-third of the way! I have been really enjoying my runs, my sore, tired legs, and my rest days. Ahhhh….love rest days . I am spending way too much time on figuring out routes for future long run days and daydreaming about said long run strategies (I have read the key is to break them down into segments – so it’s NOT one 15 mile run, it’s three 5-mile runs. I can do those). I have been using a combination of Cytomax, Hammer Gels, and PowerBar Energy Blasts for fuel on the longer runs. So far that is working well, and I feel pretty good. I have also been popping salt tablets since it’s been so hot and I have been sweating like a pig in heat. Doesn’t hurt to replace a bit of the salt.
Photoshop employed to enhance poor bathroom lighting only.  No retouching ;)
Anyway, so if you are wondering what THIS 50-year old looks like….here is me this morning, fresh from the shower (after boot camp and then 3 miles). No make-up, just a brush through my wet hair. Ok, then I had to put some make-up on, though my hair is still wet. I can bring it when I need to.  I didn't look this fresh at the end of the work day.

Run on.
Last Saturday after my 10-miler;
I dream about having my Bowl of Heaven after the hot runs. 
Acai fruit blend, flax seed granola, honey and raspberries.  YUM!

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