Friday, July 6, 2012

Hair Clips - Custom To-Go!

Well ain't these the cutest doo-dads?  We made these hair clips as party favors for Franny's birthday last month, and I loved that I had all the supplies on hand - even the hair clips that were left over from some other project!  I actually saw the idea sheet at the craft store - they used paper, but I used fabric.

I cut 1" circles from scrap cardboard, and 3" (approx.) fabric scalloped circles I cut with my Sizzix.  Glue the fabric to the cardboard and secure with a gem or other embellishment.  I used a heavy-duty craft glue and let them dry a good long time.  Lastly, adhere the hair clip to the back of the circle, again being generous with the adhesive (and once that was dry, I added a top layer with the glue gun for good measure). Super cute and one of a kind!

Happy Days.

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