Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It has been more than just a few weeks; it’s been several weeks since I have felt like talking about anything.  My lovely mother passed away at the end of March, and there really wasn’t anything I wanted to blog about.  It had been months since mom was anything close to being herself.  The dementia and Parkinson’s pretty much left her without her memory or recognition of when, where or who any of us were.  But even so, inside she was still herself in her likes, her manners, her dislikes and habits. I miss hearing her shuffling slippers around the downstairs and her wiping down of the kitchen counters (even if she had been doing that for the hour or so previously).  It is a deeply felt loss.  Dad said it best when he said that she was a great gift to all of us.
My sisters and I compiled these photo memory books for mom’s service.  Although I ended up needing to scan several photos from dad’s photo albums, I am so glad we have this now.

Miss you, mommy!

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