Thursday, January 19, 2012

Masterpiece Turkey

I know its odd to call a race a masterpiece, but I did feel like it was....last Thanksgiving.
 Prima paper, miscellaneous letters and other other embellies from the random stash.   The small caption at the top of the photo says "I was followed by a running reindeer!"
It's rare when all the elements align on race day.  But I was well rested, coming off some great longer races and ready to tackle  my first 10k.   I did 1:04 or about 10:32 per mile.  This is fast for me...with no walking breaks.  The picture says it all - so happy with about 2 miles to go.  There were also lots of Tri La Vie runners, my coach Martha, and friends Cathy, Mark and Tina slapping high fives at every turnaround.  Woot!

This was the second year of my running on Thanksgiving, and it IS a great feeling to get a big race in before enjoying all the eating of the rest of the day.  Eating....the joy of running indeed.

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