Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lift My Sole - Support Independent Businesses!

Remember when the economy really hit the skids and so many good, small companies and stores had to shutter their doors?  Well, that made me sad.  Then the “little guys” really shouted out and entire movements were born to support independent businesses and to make sure they were not lost in this mess of an economy.   I make my attempts to support the small businesses -- the independently owned craft stores, the artisans and innovators that make their living off their entrepreneurship.  They are really the good guys.

So when I encounter a business that does what they do so well, I go back for more and more.  And I let everyone know.  One such company is LiftYour Sole – a jewelry company out of Atlanta that makes inspiring stuff for runners and athletes.  I started buying from them about a year ago when I started treating myself to “running rewards” and have gone back for more.  What I always liked about them is their personal service and the obvious love of what they do.  Squeals of delight can be heard whenever I receive one of my orders – nicely wrapped in a ribbon-tied tulle pouch.  It’s great every single time.
So when the Lift Your Sole team was present at a recent running expo in So Cal, naturally I was excited to get the chance to meet the awesome-sauce ladies behind the great products.  I got to meet Kelsey, their traveling diva, manning a very busy booth at the Disneyland Hotel.  I wanted to buy one of everything….but held myself back.  C’mon, not yet…someday I will! 
As a token of my appreciation for all they do, I embarked on some Zutter craftiness and made them a fan/guest book.  I used a Zutter Cover-All (4X6 sized forPre-Punched Page Protectors), and loads of blank cardstock.  I added prints of some of their fabulous inspirational images and quotes that they post on FB into the page protectors (which they can replace with product pictures if they like!), and the blanks pages are for their fans to “sign in” and write love notes.  The Cover-All was plain white, but was misted with Smooch Spritz in shades of Lift Your Sole colors.  The cover was crafted from denim, cardboard and a reprint of their logo.  
 I can’t imagine the hard work and stress of the independent businesses out there – especially the smaller ones.  But I sure do appreciate them…and I LOVE my Lift Your Sole charms, rings, bracelets, necklaces and other stuff!  Rock on Jill and Kelsey and all the LYS team!
I bought a 13.1 sterling silver ring, and a polka dot key chain from Lift Your Sole!

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