Friday, October 22, 2010

Published in Somerset Memories! (yeah me! and the Lucky 13)

Thought I would share something super monumental from my scrapbooking life....PUBLISHED!  ME!  How fun!  Through a project I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in - the Lucky 13 - I finally got a taste of being in print with a bit of craftiness.  I don't believe I'd have seen my name alongside a layout in print if it not for this amazing experience.  Not only that, but my silly mug, and a cute photo of Franny made it in also, having been included on other layouts!  Now that's too fun!  (see the two layouts on the bottom of the page below). Pick up a copy of the Fall issue of Somerset Memories to take a complete look.

Thanks to both Elena Etcheverry who birthed the idea of the Lucky 13 and invited me to join the group, and lead Fiskateer Cheryl Waters who worked tirelessly to write and get the article about our journey published.

So, the layout I created for my friend Donna Salazar was featured....Donna who loves could my layout for her NOT have demin?  What you don't see is that there are about six photos included on the tags that are tucked into the denim pocket.  Each initial on the tags serendipitously enough describes the person in the photos.  Thus, Donna's Demin Pocket of Friends.  (below top right, next to another layout for Donna by Angela Daniels with more denim  -- see, she loves denim!)
This was such a fun circle journal project, and such a wonderful conclusion to see our work published.  Yippee for all of us!

See more of the history and evolving story of the Lucky 13 project on the blog.  Enjoy!


Jan said...

Congrats to you and Donna!! GREAT magazine!

LynneForsythe said...

That was such a FABULOUS article!!! Loved the idea, the stories, and the pages.....JOB WELL DONE!!