Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For Walter's Granny

Here's another pretty pink Cover-All I had the pleasure of creating for my friend Walter's visit to his granny later this month.  This is Curved Spine 6X6 Cover-All (on sale for 50% off), and it was so much fun to make a pinkie, granny-like album!  Actually Walter is a pretty cool dude, so I considered making this one all rocker and hard-core chopper like, but I don't think his granny would want that.  The cover is Smooch Spritzed with Cherry and Pink Ice, with rub-ons from MAMBI, Prima crystals and flowers.  The red felt alpha is Making Memories.
The inner pages are a series of folds, flaps and pockets for journaling and photos, more flowers, more Smooch, some transparencies and tags.  All the patterned paper is Prima...pretty pretty, huh?
Anyway, it's fun to make these for other people, but I gotta get going on some projects for myself  :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Nan, I believe this to be one of those 1 of a kind gifts that my grandmother will cherish dearly.