Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home from CHA and so much to do!

You know, it's always cuckoo to get ready for the CHA shows.  But guess what?  There seems to be MORE work to be done now that we are home.  We make so many plans while there and want to execute new ideas that it's time to do even more great stuff before the next show and even before then!  In the meantime, I am enjoying the memories in the Zutter booth and so glad to have cemented new friendships that I know will last and last and last.....
My sister, Mei, lives in the Chicago area, so she came to see me at the show.  She enjoyed being crafty for an afternoon, and I got a kick out of seeing her do it!  I think she not-so-secretly liked watching me demo the Zutter tools.  It was like watching a sitcom for her!  Look at how she was concentrating on this make 'n take...hahahaha!  I love serious!

The Zutter booth was just the right size for a show far from home.  We had a nice wall that showcased the product and sample projects.  There was enough room for me to dance around.  Really awesome layouts over at Product Performers showed off Donna Salazar's new releases and beautiful layouts and projects by her design team (including Zutter Zister Jennifer Priest).  I managed to have a few projects over there....yeah!

Anyway, I am still recovering, unpacked and going through samples and catalogs that I picked up.  Time to get back to work....maybe after a trip to the pool and a nap!  :)

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LynneForsythe said...

so glad you had an awesome time Nan!!!