Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scrappy Lovin' Friends

In 2007 I attended CKU in Anaheim.  It was the first time I had attended a multi-day scrap event, and I loved it!  So much to do and so many like-minded scrappy ladies (and the ocassional dude).  That year I met Victoria, a sweet gal from Orange County (like me) who was hanging out on her own but very friendly and fun.  We chatted, we hung out....we scrapped.
the "pie lovers" in Chicago.  i am photo-shopped in because we never got a group shot!  :(

In 2008, Victoria and I both attended CKU in Chicago.  We were both anxious to try another event, but somewhere away from our neck of the woods.  While there we met and bonded with a group of gals...Sarah, Mary, Kim, Nicole and Cheryl.  We called ourselves "pie lovers", because that seemed to be the dessert of choice that trip.

ready for class Newport Beach, CA  5/2/10 (my seat is in the front next to huge bag of kettle korn holding my spot!)  ;)

Now two years+ after that event, five of the seven of the original "pie lovers" attended Reflections in Newport Beach last weekend.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  Sarah actually attended from England last year as well, but to have 5 of us reunited this year was amazing. Mary traveled all the way from Minnesota, and Kim from Illinois.  Victoria and I drove minutes from our homes :)  Everyone was as I remembered them to be...sweet, funny, friendly, crafty and fun.  We didn't eat pie this time...more like cheesecake....but the spirit of dessert lives on!

Pie Lovers in Newport Beach
Mary McNeilus (Dodge Center, MN) Kim Hvarre (Dixon, IL), Me (Orange County, CA), Sarah Jermyn (Oxfordshire, England), Victoria Collins (Orange County, CA).  But where are Cheryl and Nicole :(

Can't say how wonderful it is to have stayed in touch and gotten together again.  It's just another one of many benefits of being part of a wonderful crafty, scrappy sorority.

Love you gals! Pie Forever!

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