Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Messy Creativity

I finally got some uninterrupted crafty time this weekend.  But I had so much on my mind that I wanted to create that my desk sort of exploded.  I am NOT a messy crafter, so this desk was sort of freaky for me.  You can't see the tossed-up messy floor around the desk - I was pretty upset about that too.  But all good....I got to create, get inky and misty and gooey.
Here’s the first thing I made....starting with some amazingly pretty patterned paper from Kiki
Art. I started with a 10X10 piece of Zutter Clipboard Wood that I covered with paper, but I left a itty bitty border so the wood would show, and distressed all the edges with ink and paint.

I punched the top edge and laced the holes with a pretty ribbon.  I did this first because I wasn't sure what I was going to embellish with so I wanted to make sure I was able to punch the edges before adding anything bulky or glittery that wouldn't fit in the BIA.

I glittered some old plastic letters to match the paper, and also used some felt ribbon, front and back (glittered the back adhesive side). I had these acrylic swirls that I sponged with white paint....and then a bunch of fun texture-y odds and ends to go with my favorite family photo. The paper has adorable little ladybugs, which I punched up with some lady bug buttons I had left over from a baby shower I organized last year.  I added the pretty green lace along the bottom edge to soften things up.

I love this, and will hang it proudly this Spring :)


JustYolie said...

Beautiful! Lots of details. Gosh you would really freak if you saw my craft desk...I've been working off a 6"x6" space since Xmas....time got clean up! lol

Nicole Renee said...

Love this layout! It is stunning!