Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July and Happy 4th night in our new house! Man it’s been a hectic few days. We are getting close to some semblance of getting settled, though sometimes I think unpacking will never end!

Franny and I took a break from the house chores and took part in the Lake Forest 4th of July parade this morning. It wasn’t easy getting up so early, but it turned out we had a blast (and a good long nap when we got home). Franny was invited to participate in the parade with the Angel’s – the family that owns Zutter Innovative. They have miniature horses that they love to show off, and we never turn down an opportunity to be in a parade. Turns out I ended up riding along on the golf cart, even though I thought I’d just be sitting and watching the parade. There were about 120 entries in the parade and we were #61 in the lineup. Lots of fun things to see – from marching bands, floats and horses, to baseball and soccer teams and various car clubs. We were the only mini horse entry, however. The Angel’s love their minis and enjoy showing them off. It’s all good fun, and a nice break from not only the moving, but a great way to celebrate Independence Day with good people.

….not to mention a great way to see what the owner of Zutter does in his spare time. Yes, he is securing Sheriff Monk to the top of Daisy the horse. So funny!

It’s almost embarrassing how many boxes the movers had to haul upstairs to the new scrapbook room. But I am taking the opportunity to re-organize everything and tidy up in my new room. I did give up on sorting through the Clip-it-Up tonight, but will resume in the morning. We went to IKEA yesterday and I bought a glass-topped table for scrapping. (Great tip, Annette, thanks!) I am looking forward to being “back in business” real soon….and even better, I will have more space and should be uber creative now that I can get to everything and actually know what I have! HA!

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!


TxScrapAddict said...

The parade looks like lots of fun. Glad to hear you are getting settled in. I just LOVE miniature horses, the Angels' are beautiful! And, yes, WOW! lots of bozes for the scrappy room. But, hey, we need our supplies don't we? Happy Weekend@!

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

So glad I got a sneak peak at the new pad.. can not wait until you have a scrap party (hint hint)and of course Jason can not wait to play Poker again. Thanks for letting him crash on your couch.

voodoo vixen said...

Glad the move went smoothly and you managed to take a break from all that unpacking! Those little horses are sooo cute, I would want to take one home with me.
Glad you looked at the glass table tops with the trestle legs... think they are absolutely fabulous for scraprooms!!