Monday, June 29, 2009

Counting Down til the Movers Come

I am a bit lost without my scrap room to retreat to. Well, I can still go in there, there just isn't anything there! I am not a "good mover." I don't label boxes well. If you could see the writing on these boxes, almost all of them say either "scrap paper", "scrap tools", "scrap books" or "scrap stuff.". Not gonna be easy when it comes time to open them and sort them out in the new room! LOL! All the shelves and cubbies are coming with me, though I do have to buy a new craft table (any suggestions anyone?) as the table I have been using is our old kitchen dinette. In the new house we will actually have a dinette area, so the table is going back into service. I will have to go look at Ikea or someplace for a sturdy, inexpensive, LARGE work surface. BTW, Home Depot rocks for cheap moving boxes!

What are you all working on this week?


TxScrapAddict said...

Good luck on that move!! Hope it goes as smooth as possible!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Hope the move goes smoothly Nan... and if you think your labelling is bad.... well, imagine 365 boxes packed by a team of removal men who appear to have had very little in the way of English vocabulary... and labelled the at least 320 of them "Ornaments"... they then disappear for 12 weeks on a boat and turn up on your doorstep and you are supposed to be able to tell the guys which boxes go in which room... LOL!! (OK, it was not funny at the time)!!
Check out Ikea as I think they do a large table top with trestle legs which are fab in a scrap room. I went for kitchen worktops and stainless steel legs for mine and it goes all round two walls... loads of room to spread out!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

omg! I hope you get through those boxes quick! at least you will be all re-organized! :)