Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is why.....

These are some of the many reasons I love scrapbooking....well, they are people....and it makes what we do so much more fun, funny, rewarding and creative. I am having such a great time at this CHA!

First off, Cheryl - my lead Fiskateer - yes, that's her in the wig and disco-attire.....you always go all out and all heart. She really does give her all in everything. The Mocktail disco party was a blast. And Judy is my fellow poker widow - our DH's play together regularly and she and I try to scrap when we can....she is a fun lady and I am so glad to know her! She might look like a mild mannered CPA, but underneath is an amazing creative talent! Plus, her kids have hippie names which I always have thought is cool. Esprit and Indiana (my 2nd favorite movie series!!)

Wendy Jo is another lead Fiskateer who I just met, and it is not too often you meet someone so NICE right off the bat. That's her. She came to the Zutter booth during the show and I am glad to say I have met her! Laura Miller is the diva behind Desert Scrappers in Palm Desert, and another scrappy pal who I have come to love and rely on. Oh, she is a poker widow too, and sometimes my DH is to blame!!) Plus, her adorable daughter is named Leia - and anyone who names their daughter after a Star Wars character is aces with me (my most favorite movie series!!)

Then there is an incredible group known as the Prima Donnas. These are the endorsed teachers from Prima, and when I am around these ladies I always wonder...how did I get here? It must be a mistake. The artistry and talent in these ladies' little fingers has me in awe. And this is less than half the group! And, I love love love how you can meet someone completely new to you one minute, and be laughing so hard you have to pee the next. Robyn Weatherspoon lives and works in the neighborhood I grew up in outside St. Louis, and it immediately made us buddies. She is so dang cute. She knows the street I grew up on, the elementary schools I attended and it is so coool...and I dig her art.

And, Leah Fung....I have spent the last few years following her work and reading her columns in Scrapbooks, Etc. and now I get to work with her and know her, and be inspired by her everyday. What a treat! I met Leah through Donna Salazar, who believes in me and has opened so many doors for me.

So, even though I am ready to sleep...I just couldn't close my eyes until I enjoyed looking at all these pictures, jotting some words down and reflecting on these artists, these friends .............this is why I feel so lucky.

P.S. I ate waaaaayyy too much at Don Jose's last night. I shouldn't have had that margarita, or all those chips, or that cookie (or two or three) at Fiskateers, or any of that chocolate....or who cares......we live once!!!

Love ya'all!!!!


TxScrapAddict said...

I know what you mean....I feel blessed to know so many people that have inspired me. It's wonderful!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

SO MUCH FUN !!! me jealous ! =D =D

Cindy said...

Fun stuff. It was great seeing you here and there at CHA, Nan.

Ogle Family said...

Hugs Nan. The feeling is mutual...I ALWAYS enjoy seeing you!

Jennifer Priest said...

So much!! Loved hanging with you at show, Prima Dinner and the Mocktail Party!!

http://angeladaniels.squarespace.com/ said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!