Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paris Has a New Hobby - It's HOT

I did not run over to see Paris Hilton on Sunday at CHA....frankly I was surprised (and considered quitting scrapbooking for a sec), but it's all good. I think some of the attendees made some good points and if it helps introduce scrapbooking to new people, then I think it's great. I just don't expect to see Paris at any crops in the future unless we start dancing on tables - wait, I already do that! LOL!


TxScrapAddict said... is an interesting twist. But as you pointed out...if it opens up the hobby to more people then Hooray!! Table dancing???? I've gotta attend a crop with you!

Jennifer Priest said...

How funny I was totally standing next to PATTY!!! Nice to SBR in the vid.

I still am upset that Paris showed up an hour late and then only stayed for autographs for 30 mins. Hmm.

Will I use her line? Probably not, even if it were free. Maybe when I am painting to make sure paint doesn't get on my table. Ooops. did I say that out loud?!

I do agree that she won't get into something that she won;t make money at but my guess is that she has already been paid. Now it is up to Wooky to make it work. The paper really isn't made for scrapbookers and from her vid it is clear she really doesn't scrap. "Glue on pictures"? Yeah.