Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Tales of the Mini Suitcases and the New Chair!!

The Suitcases

If you are like me, you have a drawer, a box, a “place” where you stash items that you think you will one day use in or as a scrapbook. I’m not talking about photos or ticket stubs, or memorabilia. This is more like the odd shaped cardboard that came in a shipping package, the endless useless CD’s from online companies, the cute “alterable” boxes from a gift you received, the store tags and such. I have a drawer, and it’s packed so tight I can barely open it. Once in a while I clean through and barely toss anything out! A few weeks ago I came across these mini suitcases that Angel’s Scrapbook Garden used to sell. Somehow I ended up with about 10. They are so cute, who wouldn’t want to keep them!??!?!? But they are taking too much space.

So…..I stayed up last night, and I have gifts now for some of my scrappy friends for the holidays. I made each one slightly different since the color schemes of the suitcases are a little different. But I made a smallish 2x3 fold-out accordion album inside that the recipient can personalize. I used Basic Grey paper, Bazzill cardstock for all of them, and of course Prima flowers . I think the gals will love them. They were fun to make, and I am going to be sad to say “bye bye” to these little cuties!

The Chair

Last month at Crops2Remember, one of my friends Cyndi brought her own chair to scrap in all weekend. It was this totally cool pink and black office chair. The seat and back are made from a bungi cord-like material that is totally easy on the back for long sitting sessions. When she wasn’t using it, I got to borrow it and I never wanted to give it up. For my aching old back, it was heaven! Well, this is what I treated myself to for Christmas! Thanks to Cyndi's mom, Susan, I was able to get a killer deal on my own Seatability chair. Mine is the "Ideal" series...oooohhhhh! It has a "curvilinear design" and "no upholstery, no cumbersome padding, but rather a transparency that connotes the free flow of air to skin." Doesn't that wonderful?!?! It even feels better than it sounds. It arrived Friday and DH assembled it for me yesterday, and I sat in it all night working on the suitcases!! Can you say excellent?


TxScrapAddict said...

Those little suitcases are so stinkin' cute!! Love that chair!

voodoo vixen said...

I have those suitcases too... couldn't resist buying them but have never actually made the little books I planned for them... I think you just kicked my butt into doing something with them!!
Oh and am loving that chair!! Great colours and really looks like it could be super comfy.

peata said...

that is one seriously strange looking chair. it's growing on me though.
love the suitcases.
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Jennifer Priest said...

Wow that chair sounds awesome! I totally need that too. Love the suitcases as well.

Lori Shrout said...

Oh Nan I'm jealous ! I sat in that chair too for a bit and it was heavenly. Congrats !

scrapnchat said...

I LOVE my little suitcase. I took it to school to show my friends and to the Bee on Friday. Need to figure out something special to put in it..... Didn't see you last night at Cheetah girls but saw Alison Teitz with her daughter sitting just two rows away from me.... We blindfolded the girls to surprise them-check my blog for pics.....Happy Holidays! Heather

Naomi Murphy said...

Love the suitcase. Thank you Nan.
Oh, that chair is great too! I'll have to get one here one day. Won't the pink go great in the new office!