Sunday, February 24, 2008

13-Hour Crop at the Red Bee!

This weekend I had the fun of a 13-hour crop at the Red Bee. I actually arrived right on time at 10 Saturday morning, which is good for me, because it takes me a good hour or two to get into the groove. I worked on a bunch of layouts for the store and other design team projects, and generally had a mellow day. Marie from the WhoGAS board was there with her daughter, Rachel, and I couldn’t have asked for nicer table mates. Well…actually I was the one who was the table HOG. I started with my own 6-foot space and then gradually started expanding down the row of tables (since they were vacant).

Design Team leader, Donna Salazar, set up her world famous card buffet and treated us to a demo of her famous scallop flower making. Besides how delicious the card buffet looks – it is amazingly easy to whip out unique cards in no time when all the condiments are laid out like a…well, like a buffet. I think I made four cards in under 30 minutes. Donna’s buffet is scrumptious!

This was my last crop before heading to Chicago in a couple weeks. I am almost ready for CKU – but I do need some warm clothes. Unless I start to see some small signs of Spring in the Midwest, I think I will be fffreeeeezing while I am there!!


DonnaSalazar said...

Hey there Nanny,

You are such a cutie! I love hanging with you girlie! Thanks for the compliments on the buffet.

Hugs ~D~

LuvJones said...

Looks liek you ladies had some fun!!! How you doin sweets!?

Autumn Nguyen said...

I love that you're wearing your pirate shirt!