Friday, June 22, 2007

More CKU Fun!

These pictures are just too fun not to share...more CKU! Check out this group of ladies all happy about paint cans! This was the second group to exchange cans....I got a really cute Disney one, filled with unbelieveable goodies from Odette in Arizona. Sweet thing wrote me this week to tell me she left the can lid at home - but is sending it to me! How fun is that? Of course I am lying in the front! This was Thursday - Demo Day at CKU, and all the running around caught up with me at the end of this day!

Then there is secret sister from Sonoma. She is a sweetheart, and luckily we had our album track (EOYOL) and the Treasure Box class together. Nancy is a registered dietician, so in addition to educating me on the fact that I drink too much soda (which I shamefully already knew and was doing nothing about), she admonished me to help hubby eat better for his heart!. Here we are with Jennifer - Jessica's secret sister from Chino, Creative Memories consultant, and an incredibly fun, bubbly lady!

Then there were the green margaritas.......some of our bus passengers decided we needed them! We didn't refuse!

And, somewhere on Saturday night I was standing on my chair taking pictures! Jessica is fiddling with her camera, and I think I got a good shot of the CKU instructors somewhere! Is it really over?!?!?!

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