Monday, February 19, 2007

OC Expo - Last Day

Do we look tired? Nope. But we were! We had a successful and FUN weekend demo-ing and conducting Make 'n Takes for the Bind-it-All and DreamKuts tools. We also got in our own shopping at the Expo....before the doors opened and we could move around freely and chat with fellow-exhibitors. Now that's a fringe benefit of working all day!


cre8ivecrafter said...

ScrappyNan - I was posting with you online at the QVC forums and for some reason ALL of your posts are gone...didn't know if you left us...if you were coming back...or what was going on.

We were so excited to have you on board and have your input :-)


Nan said...

it looks like QVC knocked me off the site - i was probably too encouraging to go to other sites to check out our products. so now i can't post there anymore. anyway, i wall reading the response from the "bonnie" website about the BInd-it-All, and some of that info is inaccurate. if you get a chance, send people with questions to we are a subsidiary of Zutter Innovative Products and really the only true source of corporate information.
Thanks- you can email me directly at

cre8ivecrafter said...

Been sending people to Zutter Sisters...but frankly, we think you should just sign back up under a different user name on the QVC boards. There are *TONS* of direct links to other sites (even sites selling the same products as the Q) every single day! None of these threads are being cut.

I think you were there during a time that everything was really weird for 2 weeks. Things were disappearing and posts weren't posting and it was really frustrating. There were some server issues going on.

The thing sweeping the QVC board (and others) right now is the Pazzles Creative Cutter. MANY of us are getting the Pazzles and mixing it up with the Bind-it-all (we just go by BIA and everyone knows what we are talking about:-)

The other board that is ZUtter crazy (BIA and DK) is the PazzlePlaymates Yahoo group. Again, crafters mixing up the Pazzles and the Zutter machines.

Everything is happening so fast with these two's just a matter of time before the *big* boards (like 2peas) start having their galleries flooded with photos of the collaboration of Zutter and Pazzles.

Just passing along the info and hoping you come back to join us soon. :-)