Friday, February 2, 2007

I am NOT a Lisa Bearnson Stalker!

See! She wrote that it was AWESOME to see me. That is, after I reminded her of where she had seen me before. And of the convict - "jail bird" layout I created to honor my family in the contest she judged. Ok, ok, so she picked Jessica's nice, sweet "All Boy" layout as a winner over my harsh, criminally infused one. But come on! It's all good. I just think it's fun to meet and greet and yakkity yak. Besides, I was so excited to be at CHA I wanted more memorable moments. This was definitely one of them!

Jessica taught me that you must add "flair" to your CHA name badge lanyard. At one point I had so many buttons around my neck that I was getting a headache. So this is how it looked when I had lightened up. Not nearly as many flowers and flourishes as others, but definitely more comfortable!

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