Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello Digi

Last fall we moved to a different house, in the same neighborhood.  It happened at a busy time of year and I truly detest moving.  Peter and Dad promised to help as much as possible to make the move as easy as possible for everyone.  For me, that meant that Peter would pack all my scrapbook stuff – a full room’s worth – all himself while I was in Chicago running my first marathon.  I didn’t know he was going to do that.  When I got home from my marathon, the “scrap room” was reduced to a room of boxes.  It was scary to see 1) none of my scrappy stuff anywhere and 2) just how many boxes of stuff I have.  Even the completed albums for the girls took 5 plastic crates - not to mention the various albums that were in various stages of semi-completion. I think that's enough!  Since I was losing my scrap room completely in the move, some tough decisions had to be made about how I was going to proceed in my croppin', gluey, scrappy life.
So....I am downsizing.  Going hybrid. Going lighter. Going digi.

I always had an interest in digi scrapbooking but I never went all the way.  Well, I think I am now.  I won't be abandoning all my stuff....I can't do that.  But for the future family albums, I am going to create digi pages, and get them printed.  So I am reacquainting myself with my Photoshop Elements skills (thanks to and her awesome digi scrap classes that I used to frequent years ago and am back now!), and here are a few of my brush-up layouts. 

I am also embarking of Project Life - all digi also.  So this will be my 2013 scrappy experiment.  To scrap daily life and to do it digi.  Did I say that I like doing my scrappin' while lying on the bed?!  Couldn't do that before.  :)

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