Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marathon Training: In the middle of Week 7!

I have been posting at the start of each training week – sort of recapping the week before and previewing the week to come.  I am a little behind this week.  Thank goodness last weekend was a “short, long run” because my husband pulled a surprise party on me Saturday night.  Since Saturday morning is typically my long run of the week, I can usually be found Saturday afternoon taking a good nap.  That is what I was hoping for after a 7 miler, then an errand in North Orange County (that took forever), followed by a movie with the girls (that they said was for my birthday!).  I was SO ready for a nap at about 6:20PM when I came in the door at home.  Hey, lots of senior citizens take daily naps, why not me?  ;)
Stabbing the cake (or just the big 50 on top!)
I DID jump out of my skin when I came in the door to a house full of people.  Note to self – maybe once in a while wearing makeup on a Saturday would be a good idea.  I probably looked like leftover toast.  It had been so hot, and I was pretty ragged around the edges.  Nothing a big plate of hubby’s homemade meatballs couldn’t revive, though, and a big hunk of yummy birthday cake.  Peter and the girls were extra stealth for this party.  They had also been part of a little surprise birthday lunch at the office on Thursday.  I thought that was it – and I was off the hook for any elaborate surprises.  They got me – and it isn’t easy to surprise me.  So well done, family.  I love you (no more surprise parties, please)  ;)
The office surprise party.
Hello Kitty, Chick-Fil-A, Red Velvet Cake. 
Now, back to training.  Last week was a "step back" week - a week where the long run was shorter than usual, to give the legs and body a chance to regroup.  We won't have a single digit long run again until end of September!  In fact, starting in a week or so, our mid-week semi-long runs will be 7, 8, 9, 10 miles (no more 3-5 mile semi-long runs - those will be our short runs now!)  It's getting serious here.  So time for a big MANTRA (this was shared in boot camp).
The body achieves what the mind believes.

So, while it would be fun to have the mind believe I am in training for the London Olympic marathon, let's keep the believing to a more manageable level.  I believe I will be prepared for the Chicago Marathon in 80 days - to the best of my ability!  I believe I can train well, listen to my body and keep my expectations in check.  I believe that I will not be hard on myself, and stay positive.  I also believe I will be stubborn (in a good way) about training and preparing.  Nothing wrong with a little bit of selfishness, I think.
Last Saturday it was foggy for my entire run.  It was cool and a bit muggy, but very very nice.  It's good to get to a point where I say "only 7 miles" - like it's nothing....but it really still is a challenge.  This weekend: 12 miles, starting early.  Another busy weekend coming up.
6AM, before the 7 miles
 Run on!

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