Monday, July 30, 2012

Marathon Training: Almost Halfway

Flopped out after a mid-week 5 miler (week 8)
This is week 9, nearing the halfway point of the marathon training.  Time to re-energize and jam into these next weeks with vigor and hard core commitment.  I ran a half marathon on Sunday.  I wasn't it the right frame of mind for it, and just sort of moseyed along.  I admit to letting some personal stresses invade my's hard to not let the mind wander and ponder during the long runs.  Usually I can work things out when I run, but I was obsessing about things that were bothering me.  So I was bummed out.  I suppose it's unavoidable.  No more negativity.

More happy runs like I had tonight.  I skipped boot camp this morning, to give myself a break, and ran tonight at dusk.  It's been too hot to run at night, but tonight was cooler and I just felt like running.  So I drove down to Canada Vista Park so I could take on a nice long flat stretch.  It felt good.  I ended up doing four miles total, out and back.  I was dripping sweat and felt yummy.  I feel redeemed after the so-so boo-hoo half yesterday.  Ain't nothing wrong with me. Ain't nothing I am doing wrong.  Ain't going for a world record. Just want to do my best.  Whooya.

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