Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marathon Essentials: Arts & Crafts

I can't be "running scrappy me" without combining my scrappy stuff and running stuff on a regular basis.  Both my crafting and my running keep me sane (that's so odd!), and somehow balance me out.  So, here is something I created to share with my running buddy - we are simultaneously training for the Chicago Marathon - and support each other from a distance.  I am in SoCal and she is in Illinois.  This is for you, Candi Cakes.
I took some scrap pieces of Zutter Clipboard Wood that measure 7.5X 5" and trimmed one piece in half with the Zutter Kutter.  To give the wood a bit of color, I used light acrylic paint around the edges and adhered some cute paper to the cover.  The inside is a big stack of plain white paper....for a handy notepad. Because although we are both crafty, baking, runners we gotta stay organized.  So write down all those things you need to do, Canders - and don't let anything get in the way of a good run!  <3
Scrappy Running Me got her ya-yas out today.

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