Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover-Alls are a Hoot!

I love Cover-Alls!  I know it's not fair - I AM pre-disposed to liking everything Zutter, but come ON....ya gotta love these babies! The last few weeks I have made more little Cover-All gifts than anything else!  End-of-year teacher gifts, moving-away memory albums, and this one, a quickie birthday gift for a friend of my daughter's.  We choose fun paper from Pinecone Press - with lots of cute images and phrases (that made our work easy), created fold-out and tag pages, and then Marli added some photos and journaling for her friend to start a memory book to commemorate her birthday year.  I started with a 6X6 flat-spine white Cover-All....the white is nice and crisp looking so I didn't feel the need to cover it all up.  It looks good with this paper as-is.
Papers with journaling lines pre-printed are a real time saver, and for a teenager, nothing beats pages with flaps to hide some of that oh-so-secret journaling!  I also used pink owire - it's not just for babies (though that's a dang good reason!)

I feel more Cover-All projects coming on.....gotta go :)

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