Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flower Mosaic Necklaces

Being the mom to two girls - one a teenager, and the other a frilly, flouncy 7-year old (who wants anything and everything big sissy wants), I get to make all kinds of fun things.  Today the girls were the lucky recipients of some pretty (and pretty easy) flower mosaic necklaces.

Using the Flowers & Nature Mosaic paper from Donna Salazar Designs, Memory Frames and Glass, and not much else, I was impressive as a mom today with these little1" pieces of art.  I simply cut the flower designs the girls wanted - because the necklace is two-sided, they each picked two.  I added some bling in the form of Stickles and let it dry real good.  Then I sandwiched the pieces back to back under two pieces of Memory Glass and snapped them into the frames.  I had some antique looking charms in the "drawer du junque" and voila.....sweet little necklaces to usher in Springtime (and daylight savings - I swear I forgot all about it until about 6:30PM!!)  Anyway, Donna's Memory Mosaics paper lines come in not just the 1" size, but up to 2" too, on the 12X12 sheet.  So they can by used in the larger Memory Frames as well as great accent pieces when making your own embellishments, or awesome for ATCs and inchies.  This paper is one of my absolute faves.

Franny wore her necklace all day today, while Marli has added it to her collection (and I do mean collection) of items on the hundreds of chains around her neck.  Not hundreds, really.  But it looks like that.  I made her take all of them off for the picture.
I love projects that are SO easy, but so totally awesome looking.   The paper makes it so.
Have a great week.


Crafty Dawn said...

They are lovely as is your daughter I love the fastening too!

Love Dawn xx

Jennifer Priest said...

So cute Nan!! These came out perfect!! WOW!!

leasanders said...

Hey, Nan! These projects look familiar! =) Very cute! I'm going to make a new necklace for Miranda for the Twilight Convention. Not sure of what yet but you'll see it soon. =)