Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sneak of all My Lucky 13 Pages

On the last night of CHA last week, members of the Lucky 13 gathered to exchange our pages.  It was an amazing experience for me (I joined the group a little late and didn't really know many of the ladies beforehand).  We all sent each other photos from different months of the year, so when all pages were exchanged, we'd each have a memento from 2009 made by an amazing artist.  I was just thrilled to be invited to the group and was hoping I wouldn't make a poor showing among all the talent.

Needless to say, the pages I received are gorgeous, and so incredibly special.  
Here are sneaks of the pages I made for these 12 fabulous women.

For Candice McLean:
For Cheryl Waters:
For Elena Etcheverry:
This really was a creative challenge for me, and I think I learned so much creatively not only with what I made, but with what these ladies made for me.  So much inspiration in this group, and so much heartfelt gratefulness to be part of the Lucky 13.

Thanks gals!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Aww you rock Nan! I love my page--so fun! And I love what you did with my pics. Maybe one day you can impart some of your digi knowledge on me ;) btw I think WE were lucky to have YOU in the group!