Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twi La Vie - The Adventures of Tiny Edward (& Me)

It was definitely a New Moon few days for me.  It was so much fun to have the movie to look forward to! I started by attending a 12:01AM screening of the movie last Thursday night/Friday morning in Irvine with my friend Victoria (iPie Scrappers) and her friend Barbara. On my drive there she texted me and said there were a "few people camped out in a line" and it didn't look too bad.  Hah!  When I got there I was wondering what line she was looking at, because I saw two huge lines - more like campgrounds of people (girls, teenagers) in chairs and sleeping bags. It looked like a tent city that wound around both sides of the theater! Turns out Victoria and Barbara were on the other side where it was slightly less chaotic.  Nonetheless, we didn't queue up right away, but got hot chocolate at Coffee Bean before braving the "not too bad" line.

The theater let us in at 11pm, which was nice since it was chilly.  The time went by alot faster once inside.  I really enjoyed the movie and the excitement of seeing it with alot of fun, crazy Twi-tards! Got to bed at 3AM!

Still got up at around 7AM for work, and even went for a run! Yeah me! My running group is called Tri La Vie, as in "triathlon" is life.  It's an amazingly fun, motivating training I've joined.  The name of the group was my inspiration for this mini book I made.  It's all about "Tiny Edward" the miniature Edward Cullen doll I scored at Borders about 2 weeks ago at 75% off.  It was really perfect for me, because it fed my sense of silliness, anticipation for the movie release and my general sense of fanaticism over certain things.

I took all sorts of goofy pictures of Tiny Edward around my life and made this book.  I used Pink Paislee paper called Twilight - what else.  A really perfect Halloween line that has some not too Halloweeny design to it.  I particularly like the vampire tag.

I used lots of tags, pearls and bling, plus the cool red rose adornments (Making Memories) that looks uber cool on the title I think.  I also used a bag clip (again from Borders - hey, 75% off baby!) on the owire. The Cullen crest on the cover came with the doll.  Now THAT is an embellishment!

Ok, only 7 months to the release of Eclipse.....


Renee said...

I love it!!!

Linda Elbourne said...

This is sooo fab Nan and sooo you ... I love it! i hope to see the movie this week and can't wait :0)

Shelley Haganman said...

I am so in love with this have NO idea!!

Kristy C said...

ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE this! So very cool! I am so jealous you found the Edward doll marked down that low! You scored big time!

sarah said...

i still can't believe that you stayed up to see it! you are one crazy chicka!! love how you used the pink paislee line for those pics! HAHHA :)

have a great day, nan!


pen* said...

brilliant :)