Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lots of Treats

The Russet cul de sac Halloween party was a success last night.  We had food, we had drink, we had cute kids by the bushel full. Marli and Franny added to the cute factor with their costumes. I made cupcakes and emptied the freezer of various snack-stuff to feed the neighborhood. Don't the cupcakes look great next to the Colonel's bucket of chicken?   All is well with Halloween.

On the scrappy front I had some successful shopping this weekend.  Last weekend I missed my LSS's annual "Friends and Family" night - 40% discount store wide - due to the U2 concert.  Don't think that I wasn't torn about this.  I was really upset that I was going to miss the shopping and the deals (really, I was trying to figure out how to go shopping before the concert, but hubby set me straight).  But I made arrangements for my own shopping experience and filled a cart Saturday with goods.  I got holiday gifts and stocked up on yummy scrappy goods.  See, I can have my 40% off and U2 too!  Muhahahahahahaha!  Also I was browsing the clearance aisle at the local craft store the other day, and came across paper trimmer blade packs for 50 cents.  I happen to have this trimmer (among many trimmers) and it will now get more use now that I have about 50 replacement blades!  I think I will go see if they have more....wouldn't you?

Time to go see "This is It" and get crafting this weekend.  Can't wait to scrap the new Halloween pics!


vikki vixen said...

isnt it great when shopping works well lol love the costumes too very cute im sure youve seen the post in our class but i wanted to personally invite you to come meet the boys
and if any of your blog followers would like to come see id be greatful for their comments too i have such a great bia project for these pics
love vikki xoxoxo

pamala said...

Cutie picws!
Good haul too!!!