Friday, June 5, 2009

An Empty Room

It's a time of change. Ugh! I'm a homebody Cancer, so I dislike change alot. Looks like the next month or so will have us moving out of the house that I love, as the owner needs to sell. Of course this is an opportunity for many spaces, new empty rooms and walls (and cleaning out countless cubbies and boxes that are long overdue for such). Nonetheless, I would rather have my teeth drilled (all day long) than move. Ugh! I know I said that already, but that's all I can say. Ugh!


voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear Nan, I feel for you! I am the queen of moving and I hate it too... just don't get much choice in the matter! Hope you find somewhere lovely to live and think how much better it will be once you have gone through all the cupboards and got rid of all the 'stuff' you don't use or need!! ;)

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

let us know when the big day is and we will come help... Jason & I have lots of moving experience. I actually look forward to moving so I can purge all those unused items. I am trying to do it know but it's a lot harder when you aren't against a deadline.

TxScrapAddict said...

I hate moving too! Big hugs~ I wish I lived closer , I'd come and help!