Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LA Galaxy!!!!!

Franny's dance team performed at the LA Galaxy game this weekend. We had never been to a pro soccer match before (and now that Beckham is likely to not come back to LA, we weren't too excited about this event.) But we ended up having an amazing time. The soccer match was fun, the fans even more fun, but the dancers were great! It was a big event for the little ones, and this was by far their biggest event (1,000s of people!) Franny's dance partner decided not to go on at the last minute, so a couple of "partner" moves she improvised and did solo. Quite fun! Can't wait to scrap this event. Marli and I had a hoot screaming, dancing and chanting with the rabid soccer fans....oh, and we watched some of the game too. We saw signs promoting when AC Milan (Beckham) will be in town to play the Galaxy this summer, but with the top tickets going for $500 a piece (FACE VALUE), I decided....uh....Nahhhhhhh! :)

Franny is in blue in the front!


Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

Franny is so good... she is one of the few who remember all the moves. Go Franny!!!

TxScrapAddict said...

What talent! I'm sure you're VERY proud!!

voodoo vixen said...

Well, its obvious who Franny got her dancing genes from! What a lovely proud Mummy moment to scrap!