Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the Final Tally

Ok, here is a shameless plug for my favorite digi teacher. Jessica Sprague. I have taken her classes at CKU and online, and I can (almost) never resist plugging in online, putting on my earbuds and listening to her guide me through some killer digi techniques and projects. There is nothing in the world like seeing what PSE and my mouse can turn out late at night when the house is asleep. So it's more of the awesome stuff now that I am enrolled in her new Type+Writer class online. We are stretching our inner "Hemingways" and taking the plunge with our writing - to improve our scrapbook journaling and techniques. I really don't like to journal, I admit that with my head hanging down. But I am Nan enough to know that I shouldn't neglect this aspect of my scrappin'. So, Jessica's class was my not too painful kick-in-the-patootie to get to it. Of course there are fun layouts that teach typography techniques too. This is my first layout in the class. It's all about the bachelorette party I attended this past weekend. I think the pictures tell the story pretty well. But there were some writing exercises too, that made the journaling not at all painful and fun. It was fun all around.... :)


TxScrapAddict said...

Haven't begun to dabble in digi yet. I need to take the plunge. Thanks for steering me toward the right teacher!!!


Jennifer Priest said...

Love the numbers you used--that is so cool!! I am still anti-digital. I am a xeniphobe when it comes to scrapping on the computer though I do love to see what Jessica Sprague and you do. I'll gladly copy your page using paper! LOL