Monday, July 21, 2008

Zuttering Again

I am very excited to be working with Zutter Innovative Products this Summer. As many of you know, Jessica and I helped the company launch the Zutter Zisters in early 2007 when the Bind-it-All and Dreamkuts were first introduced. When our contract ended last summer, Jessica went on to start her kit company along with her own products and online store. Just recently, however, Zutter contacted me to help out with the launch of their Summer 2008 products, and I can't say no! So it has been a whirlwind few weeks to get ready for CHA.

The first thing we did was film an instructional DVD...yes, that is ME on my living room no less. I will be in every box of the new Bind-it-All V2.0! Crazy! Trust me, it was nerve wracking to have to hear myself on that video for three straight days at CHA. I kept turning the volume down, while the Zutter owner kept turning it back up! But we are all very pleased with how it turned out and I think users will appreciate how much more instruction is included on this DVD. (BTW, Jennifer do you see your project next to the tv?)

I have also gotten to work with the new V2.o Bind-it-All. It has some enhancements that will make using the BIA easier than ever. It has a 35% wider punching channel which will allow for thicker coverings - be it heavy cardstock on both sides of your chipboard covers, or even fabric. There is also an Extension Bar and Plate that allows for setting measurements when repeating the same punching tasks over and over. I call it the idiot bar, because once you set it you can repeat your punches again and again without having to re-measure. Makes your punching life easier. AND, the V2.0 is indeed PINK! The product packaging is also more attractive - in a clear plastic modular box that includes the instructional DVD as well as a printed owner's manual/instruction book. You can see the box in the picture of Product Performer's display. The Bag-a-Bind and Dreamkuts are also now pink, as is the Book & Journal Making Tool Kit and wire cutters.

Don't get too excited over the silver and black Bind-it-Alls in this picture. Those are prototypes only - but I sure like the metallic silver myself!

I will be posting more about my Zutter life here and on the soon to be updated Zutter website and blog. Love to hear your comments on all the new features.



Jennifer Priest said...

WOW!! How cool for you Nan!!! Thanks for putting my project out!! Yay!! I really want that 2.0 one now--LOVE that it cuts thicker stuff and everything. And of course,it is great that it is pink...see ya soon!

rocardinez said...

Congratulations, Now you are a SUPER Diva in the Scrap World....I want to see this DVD and obviously the new Bind-it. Xoxo

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

that is so cool Nan!! I am glad to here there are actual instructions out there! that will help alot! cant wait to try the V2.0!

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

I love the silver one...Can not wait to have the Zutter Diva teach & demo at the Retreats. Go Girl!!

Jessica Guthrie said...

Can't wait to punch thicker stuff... too bad it had to be PINK, though... not sure I can handle that color in my scrap room. I may have to distress it or something once I get one! Sounds like you had a blast! Who needs sleep, right?

LuvJones said...

Wow! You are famous! LOL! I really like that pink one and black one!

Jan said...

I know you said not to get to excited over the silver Z& Black...but I really want to use these in the classroom and even though I LOVE the pink...I just think my boys would get more into book projects in a more nuetral color. The bind it all is a great product though.