Monday, May 5, 2008

National Scrapbook Day - OLE!

I must say – it’s just FUN to just hang out and create. I am a type A scrapper. I always feel like if I don’t have a completed layout count in the double digits then the crop is a waste of time. But WHY? I don’t need to feel that way. I need to s…l…o…w down and enjoy the process, the time, the socializing.

On Saturday I spent nearly 12 hours at the Hot Tamale Crop to celebrate National Scrapbook Day at the Red Bee. Scrapbook department manager, Echo, did an amazing job keeping us all motivated, but also well fed. And, I just sat back and enjoyed. I actually only completed one layout ("Sweet Baby Girl" below)! But I created about 50 cards! That’s a first. I rarely sit down and make cards, but I have so many scraps of paper and random embellishments – and teacher appreciation week is coming up – that it seemed like a good idea to crank out a bunch of random cards for gift sets. It was fun – and easy – and completely stress free. Granted most of them are simple designs, but that’s ok. I have gifts ready for the teachers! Yeah! I also got to sit next to my buddy Donna Salazar –leader of the Red Bee Design Team, and an endorsed teacher called a “Prima Donna” for Prima. Yes, THAT Prima! And I think the job suits her to a T. Prima’s products are very conducive to her creative style. They did something very smart when they snagged her and she is very happy. I also sat with Victoria – and no, we didn’t eat pie. We ate cupcakes. They had little plastic margaritas and chilis on them. Yum! It was all good.

The big product news was the new fonts released in limited supply from Quickutz. I bought the one called Mademoiselle – very cute letters packaged in a little black faux leather purse. I also really like Fiesta – which came in a piñata. Heather from the DT bought that one, so she promised to share! I almost bought the coconut because, well,it's a COCONUT! It was a fun time watching the ladies pass the big sombrero around the room for one of the games….as soon as they finished a layout, they shook a maraca and wore the sombrero. At random times, prizes to whomever had the sombrero were awarded.
I also am very proud of my altered, blinged out ATG gun. Hubby helped with the first coats of paint, then i applied rub-ons and bling and finished off with several coats of Preserve It spray. I love it.


Lisa said...

What a PRECIOUS layout! I love the soft colors and it's a great pic.

Ogle Family said...

YAY!!!! Good for you Nan. ENJOY the day. And it sounds like you did just that. LOVE the cards and the page. Minimal pages done??? Hmmmm sounds like someone I know! LOL

Lori Shrout said...

Hey Nan -- I bought the coconut at my LSS-- the lady at the cash got this really perplexed look on her face -- then finally said -- please tell me you're not paying THAT for a COCONUT !!! She didn't realize there was something inside :-)