Sunday, April 6, 2008

Las Tres Gordas!

Last year at CKU Anaheim, I met a sweet lady from Mexico City named Rocio - that's "Rosio" not "Ro-kio" like I had a habit of pronouncing last year. She was always so cheerful and happy and she was just fun to know. Well, it was with such delight that she came back to Orange County this weekend to get her acrylic education from Jessica and in the process we spent some time cropping and shopping together.

We started Friday night at my house - since the boys were playing poker at the Guthrie's - Jessica, Rocio and Laura Miller from Desert Scrappers and I took up residence in the Paturzo Poker Hall (that would be the garage - for the first time decked out for cropping) for some socializing and lasagna. I didn't get all that much done, as the get-together was a last minute endeavor and I didn't have any projects planned - and my supplies were in a state of total chaos.....I couldn't get my brain organized. Marli hung out with us until about midnight, and I think she was a little dumbfounded by our scrappy gossiping and general silliness. But the company and camaraderie was the best!

Saturday morning, Jessica, Rocio, Marli and I headed out for some shopping which included the Fabric Barn (I think Jessica broke the bank there), and stops at Strictly Scrapbooking and the Red Bee. I had a budget for shopping, and I did pretty good - I am really loving the new paper that is out now...Kaiser Craft, Prima, Heidi Swapp and Webster's Pages.

Rocio has already headed home and she has promised to stay in touch and not just sneak around my blog. ARE YOU READING THIS ROCIO??? You better leave a comment so I know you were here. Remember, I know where you live now. You live in Chalupa....ha ha ha ha! Miss you - and thank you for all the yummy Mexican sweets.

Today I went to Michael's and all the Cricut cartridges were only $40 so I treated myself to a new one. Why not...we live once, and every girl needs a new font (or two) once in awhile. After dinner I spent about three hours turning my chaotic scrap room into something more tidy and less cluttered. It was liberating! But, I could really use another weekend starting now - this one went by way too fast!


Rocio GutiƩrrez Sola said...

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, i am reading, and thank YOU, for sharing all your time. I've had fun, really But now i hope in november i will have a little surprise with Cucaracha song...jajaja. Please remember that it's Chiluca....XOXOXOXO

Jennifer Priest said...

Looks like a fun time--I love Fabric Barn!!

Rafaela said...

Hi Nan, you are soo lucky to have friends to scrap with... here in my vicinits there are none. Maybe with this newspaper article I can persuade someone... Take care! Fafa